Latest Commission Piece: 347 Bernard Avenue - Antico Pizza Napoletana

347 Bernard Avenue - Antico Pizza Napoletana - Acrylic and Metallic Pigment on 16 x 20 Wood Panel - 2019

347 Bernard Avenue - Antico Pizza Napoletana - Acrylic and Metallic Pigment on 16 x 20 Wood Panel - 2019

Is there anything better than being in love during the springtime? Maybe being in love and eating pizza? 

Paige approached me at the end of April with the loveliest idea for a custom piece. I was so excited about the concept that I rushed home from work and immediately drafted a rough sketch and quote. That very same night I started playing with colour schemes. Paige’s only directions were to make it super vibrant and gave me free artistic reign over the whole thing.

I really enjoy commission work. Even more so when someone requests a painting of a special home or a building — but when the end result is meant as a gift? I’m elated to work on it! Antico Pizza was the place of Paige and her Fiancé’s first date, and continues to be a restaurant they frequent almost weekly. 

This piece is peppered with lots of sentimental symbols unique to the couple. Dog’s initials can be found in hearts along the tree trunk on the left hand side. On the right trunk, P + J noted in a heart. Two quotes, hand picked by Paige are painted across both windows, as well as the number 108 noted above the entrance.

While the real Antico doesn’t have flower pots in the windows, or planters along the railings, I figured they were a nice addition — just another beautiful way to honour spring. It was an absolute breeze working on this painting! While I initially gave Paige a one month deadline; it was completed, start to finish including wiring and varnish within two weeks.

Part of why this painting was so effortless was Paige’s enthusiasm for the project and the love she shares for her fiancé. The love these two have for each other is very magnetic and inspiring. I can only hope that one day I’ll find that kind of love to share with someone. 

As for the playlist, spring is my all time favourite season. I radiate the utmost positive energy during the season and with each passing year I appreciate it more and more. Spending time outside and absorbing every floral smell, watching the trees gradually burst with green and flowers bloom. My love of spring really comes through in this painting with the vibrant colours and use of gold and pearl pigments.

I already had songs lined up for a playlist, long before Paige even approached me with her idea. Almost as if I had subconsciously requested a commission piece from the universe. Power of positive thinking, I suppose. These songs are perfect for listening to on a lazy afternoon. Breezing down Abbott Street admiring all the beauty spring has to offer, then ultimately stopping for some pizza. 

Antico Pizza Napoletana Playlist

Foxglove - Murder by Death

Stop Signs - The Moondoggies 

Pine and Clover - Chad Van Gaalen 

Me and Mine - Mac DeMarco

If I Could Count - Shannon & The Clams

Some Strange Rain - Cotton Jones 

Si Lloras, Si Ries - Mina

God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

Greenland - Vundabar

The Sun - SURES

Strawberry Swing - Coldplay 

I Am The Changer - Cotton Jones 

If you’re interested in ordering your own custom piece, for yourself or a loved one, send me an email. I am accepting orders for July/August completion.